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About the Made in World Digital Map

The Made in World Digital Map was created to connect people working in the tech environment in World.
The idea is based on the concept originally developed by the City of New York and developed by Mike Bodge.
After several discussions we listened to about the world economic situation we felt it was about time to do something rather than sitting and waiting for the worst to come.
This is a non-profit project targeting people with different skills and companies from start-ups to established businesses.

Feel free to contribute in adding companies, investors and shared working spaces, we would like to demonstrate that there'are still people who do believe World can be the place to work.
The map is focused on the worldwide area.
Comments and suggestions can be sent to [email protected]

How the Map Works

To see a company, zoom in and click on an icon. When you see a colored circle with a number, it means that there are that many tech companies located in that area. Clicking on the colored circles will zoom you in. Once you are zoomed in, click on the colored circle icon to view a full list of companies at that location.

Special thanks

To Mike Bodge who has been so much supportive.


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Filippo Sarzana
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Michele Zuccala
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